We provide transport and logistics services, offering integral support to our clients in their operations, interpreting the needs on which their businesses are based.

We transport dry, liquid, refrigerated and consolidated cargo from and to Paraguay with Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Peru y Uruguay ... We carry out deconsolidation of containers in ports with extra zone merchandise.

Our fleet is composed of 240 different transport equipment, among which are tractors trucks, open semi-trailers, refrigerated vans, container carriers, tanks, conveyor plates and dump trucks that travel 15 million kilometers a year. Each day that passes our mobiles pass the equivalent of the circumference of the earth, that is ... a return to the planet.

Every day that passes our trucks transit the equivalent to the circumference of the earth, it means one spin to the planet per day!!!



Transchaco Route N° 212 Km 17.5, Mariano Roque Alonso - Paraguay
Mariano Roque Alonso – Paraguay
(+595) 21 751 325(+595) 21 755 043
Postalcode: 2040

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